Best Practices

Who doesn’t love a good selfie? We know we do!!! However, we would really appreciate for everyone to post creative pictures of food instead of anything else. Let’s express ourselves through food only 😊

We know restaurants cook delicious food and who doesn’t like to capture those perfect plates in a picture? However, we are expecting you to post pictures of your own home cooked meals. Be genuine, authentic and only post your own cooked recipes.

Please be mindful of everyone else’s opinion and refrain yourself from posting offensive or mean comments. Why be mean when we can create a great vibe through talking about food 😌

Be creative in your descriptions - it only enhances the way we perceive your picture. However, please be mindful and do not post trivial descriptions.

We would really appreciate if you could use English as the main language for descriptions/comments as we have people from all around the world as part of our community. However, we want you to be super comfortable while navigating through our platform so if you would like to post in your native language, that is great too. It would be a good opportunity for everyone else to learn a few words in a foreign language.

Let’s keep this community a safe environment and only bring in good vibes 🙌🏻